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Re: plantar fascia

>hi all...
>i've been hobbling through these past four days dealing with pain more
>intense than anything i've ever felt (don't know what childbirth feels like
>but if it's like this-no thanks!)
>  and with a little asking around, i've found that this pain has a
>name--plantar fascia.  thanks to a web page on the condition, i have an all
>too graphic description: '...a painful tearing of the plantar fascia
>connecting the toes to the heel...' '...the attachment of the plantar fascia
>into your heel bone may begin to stretch and pull away from the heel bone..."
>this is unbearable--i'm literally going crazy with pain, to the point of
>having laughing fits.
>i hope more than anything that no one else has experienced this but would
>love to know what other people have done to alleviate it and more
>importantly, how long it will take to heel.  all of a sudden i can barely
>walk--have a charity 10 mile walk on sunday, the work weekend w/ the KTA next
>weekend, a wilderness first aid course the weekend after that...  someone
>please tell me this will heal with some crazy conconction of mushed up fruit
>loops or eye of newt...

Really sorry to hear this happened to you.

Mine took about 2 years to heal totally, and I still have to be
careful--one reason I insist of steel shanks in my boots.  The other
posters have good advice.  The only thing to add is that once its partly
healed, I found an elastic bandage designed for ankle sprains immensely
helpful, because the elastic wrapped tightly around the arch and helped
keep it supported. I wore mine always, even with pumps and sandals, for
many months.

Also, the 10-mile walk probably will make the condition a great deal worse,
long term.  (Depending on how bad the tear is, of course.)

The tear sounds pretty serious.  I would highly recommend seeing a doctor,
just to make sure about the diagnosis and possibly getting prescription
drugs to take down the swelling and for the pain.


Lew and Catherine Middaugh