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Re: Preparing Beef Jerky

In a message dated 96-04-11 20:41:05 EDT, haughtrr@usit.net (Chris and Rami
Haught) writes:

>I have been interested in making beef jerky, but I am somewhat concerned
>about the beef spoiling after dehydrating. 

I've never had trouble with jerky spoiling.  I keep it in the freezer until I
am about to go hiking.  I would think that whoever send you your maildrops
could keep it froze until it was mailed to you, just to be safe.

I never use any preservatives--which brings up the question--does anyone use
I never have yet, but perhaps there are certain fruits that really need it.  

I have a vacuum packer that I use (cost $50) also, which could make a
difference in things spoiling or not.  I didn't use to use it, and the jerky
was fine then too.

IL Fltlndr@aol.com