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Re: plantar fascia

The best thing to do would be to rest, but we know that all good things
are not possible.  What I would recommend doing is 1. start by placing a golf
ball (or other small round hard object) under the sole of the foot and roll
your foot back and forth starting with a small amount of pressure and increasing
the pressure as tolerable.  This really hurts like a bugger, but will help  to
stretch out the plantar fascae.  2. Ice cup (place paper cups filled with water
in your freezer and peel off the paper to use) 4-6 times PER DAY for 15 min.
Just rub the ice cup over the area that is sore.  3. Take an anti-inflammatory
does of over the counter medicine (Advil, Nuprin, ibuprofen) 3 tablets every
4-6 hours. Please check with your doctor if you are taking any other medications
or if you have any other medical problems.  4. Put a heel cup in your shoe or
buy a soft Spenco arch support for some support of this area.  This is what I 
would recommend to an athlete to try.  The 10 mile walk does not sound like such a great option for the weekend...especially if you are planning on doing all
those other great things the following weekends.  This is a good starting place
for you to begin.  Remember to wear supportive shoes (lace up shoes or running
shoes are best), and try not to do alot of walking for a few days.  Let me know
how this works...be careful with the anti-inflammatories and consult your doctor
if this does not get better.  Good Luck.  Pat Cordeiro