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Re: Preparing Beef Jerky

>I have been interested in making beef jerky, but I am somewhat concerned
>about the beef spoiling after dehydrating.  From what I understand, when
>making beef jerky in a dehydrator, the temperature is not raised to the
>point where bacteria are killed.  I have noticed that the jerky sold
>commercially is preserved with sodium nitrite.  What about the stuff you
>make in dehydrators?  Can anyone knowledgable on this subject provide me
>with info on how to properly prepare and preserve beef jerky.  Also, any
>suggestions for a good brand of dehydrator suitable for making jerky would
>be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
>Chris Haught

I've recently been preparing jerky using low-fat ground beef combined with
American Harvest curing spices sold at Walmart.  I also purchased one of
their "Jerky Works" caulk-type guns which lets you squeeze out the prepared
meat in thin, flat strips or thin sticks (like Slim Jims).  I was reluctant
to make jerky using ground beef until I was "tricked" into trying a
piece....it was delicious and I couldn't even tell it started out as ground
beef!  If you want more info. you can call American Harvest at 800-288-4545 .

Jim Esmond ~ Quest Information Services, Inc ~ 941.646.7725 ~ quest@tsolv.com