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Re: plantar fascia

In a message dated 96-04-11 22:54:38 EDT, you write:

>I have the same problem, which was made very bad two years ago with a 
>long 23 mile day( backpacking) Never again.  
>I saw a podiatrist who I really trust and he did the following.  
>1.  Injected the heel spur with cortisone.  ( Really painful, I'm a 
>dentist so I should know.)  Got remarkable relief for 6 weeks.

rich--are you saying that this is going to be with me forever?  oh jeepers--i
really messed up didn't i?  i know all about foot injections--two years ago i
had plantars warts removed--to anesthetize the area, the doctor stuck a
needle into the bottom of  my foot close to 60 times.  THAT pain is something
i'll never forget.  
should i definitely be seeing a doctor about this?