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Cheap gear


I was home for a week and went to check out the outdoors stores in nearby 
Paramus, NJ (home of Campmor).

I noted that the store I used to work at, Ramsey Outdoor was having a 
clearance on the '95 color Sierra Designs sleeping bags, including the 
often difficult to find women's bag (Calamity Jane, I believe) which I 
thought there had been some discussion on.  Anyway, they are having some 
really good deals.  They will do mail order if you ask their number is 
201-261-5000 ask for the camping dept.

They also are carrying Arc Teryx packs now (including the Bora 70, which 
we have also discussed) and I was told that they will be carrying Osprey 
starting in June hopefully.  (They have plenty of other gear too, obviously).

Anyway, I don't work for them at the moment and don't have a personal 
stake in this, I just thought people would like to know.  

Off to the Adirondacks for my first backpacking weekend of the season!


Jeff Mosenkis,                                                   
University at Albany - Psych, Anthro, Judaic Studies             

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