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Re: Candy Bars as Trail Food

>In a message dated 96-04-11 16:20:33 EDT, you write:
>> I am wondering about the people who lived off candy bars the whole time.
> Is this a myth???  Would any of you tell someone to gain weight before the
>I know Warren Doyle to have lived off Snickers bars during an AT hike. While
>his advice on the psychological side of the AT experience--a leading cause of
>not completing a thru-hike--is on target, I wouldn't ever emulate his eating
>habits at home or on the trail. I also wouldn't gain too much weight ahead of
>time. Most men loose pounds and inches and most women loose inches and stay
>at nearly the same weight or even gain weight, but this isn't enough reason
>to start laying in a layer of fat before a hike.
>Good luck and happy trails,

What about someone like myself who is pretty drasticly underweight, I am 5' 
11" and curently weigh 130lbs. I am also diabetic (type 1, aka insulin 
dependent) and so I have had several discussions with my doctor about doing 
a thru-hike, he has recomended that I try and put on at least 10 to 15 
pounds before I start my hike. Of course he has never done a thru-hike and 
you could very well know something that he doesn't, so would you still say 
that someone of my build shouldn't try and put on some weight... I don't 
really think I can afford to loose any!

E. George Oeser (aka Needles)