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plantar fascia

hi all...
i've been hobbling through these past four days dealing with pain more
intense than anything i've ever felt (don't know what childbirth feels like
but if it's like this-no thanks!)
  and with a little asking around, i've found that this pain has a
name--plantar fascia.  thanks to a web page on the condition, i have an all
too graphic description: '...a painful tearing of the plantar fascia
connecting the toes to the heel...' '...the attachment of the plantar fascia
into your heel bone may begin to stretch and pull away from the heel bone..."
this is unbearable--i'm literally going crazy with pain, to the point of
having laughing fits.
i hope more than anything that no one else has experienced this but would
love to know what other people have done to alleviate it and more
importantly, how long it will take to heel.  all of a sudden i can barely
walk--have a charity 10 mile walk on sunday, the work weekend w/ the KTA next
weekend, a wilderness first aid course the weekend after that...  someone
please tell me this will heal with some crazy conconction of mushed up fruit
loops or eye of newt...