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We're Off!

For the next five days, three members of the BMET (Black Mountain Extreme
Team) will be hiking a 60 mile section of the Appalachain Trail.  We are
starting in Hanover New Hampshire and are ending our hike in Clarendon Gorge
Vermont.  The recent snow has put a bit of an interesting spin on our
expedition, but we'll manage.  The hike will bring us over Killington Mt.,
which recieves a great amount of snow.  Can we stand ourselves for five days
without a shower?  We'll see.
Over the course of the hike, we are all keeping a journal so we'll have some
interesting stories to share after we're back.  Barring injury and possible
death,  we should be done our hike at about 4 o'clock on Tuesday.  Have fun. 
I'll let you all know how it went.

Brian Gagnon


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