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Re: Getting off of mailing-list for AT

I've been trying to get off the list for the last 3 days cause I won't be
here for the next 10 days.  We'll be hiking in Arizona until April 22 and
I didn't want 1000 messages waiting for me when I got back.   So - what
I discovered is that using "signoff at-l" instead of "unsubscribe" works if
you really want to get off the list.

Also discovered that the "set at-l mail <xxx>" command can do wondrous
things.  For a summary of the possibilities, send the command "help set" to
listproc@hack.net.   I haven't explored all the possibilities, but for the
next 2 weeks I'll leave my account set for digest mode so I'll only get one
message per day.   And it's easy to switch in and out of that mode.

And it only took me 3 days to figure this out.

Y'all have a good day,