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Kushmans, List Volume, Class of '79

First - haven't heard anything since the last message from Gatlinburg.  
I'll post as soon as I receive something.

Second, here is a partial message from the AT guestbook:
From: Cutting Family (cutting@aloha.com)

Would like to hear from anyone who is an alumnus of the AT Class of '79 
who may be surfing the net these days. Good luck to all the wannabee 
thru-hikers of '96...it's the adventure of a lifetime! Mahalo to all the 
fellow thru-hikers and "civilians" who made my experience a memorable 

                           Don Cutting
                           Honolulu, Hawaii

Lastly, here are some suggestions regarding the list:

Regarding the volume of this list:  This list is producing an awful lot of
messages every day, so many that some people I have heard from have felt
the need to unsubscribe.  I would urge people to please think before
posting to the entire list.  Think with each post whether it is something
that needs to be sent out to the entire list, or whether the list would be 
better served if you just wrote to the individual poster. 

Regarding message titles: I would urge people to make sure that the 
subject field  of messages that they send to the list represents the 
actual subject matter of the message.  For example, a subject of "At-L 
Digest #56" is really quite useless, and gives readers no hint of what 
the message is actually about.  So if you are responding to a portion of 
a digest, it would be very helpful if you changed the subject of the 
message to whatever subject you are addressing in your message.  And, 
please, give your message a title.  (Many people delete without 
reading messages that have no subjest specified.)

A problem trying to unsubscribe??  PLEASE - write to Ryan, the list 
owner, NOT the entire list.  His address: ryan@inc.net (or 

--Kathy Bilton   kathy@fred.net   http://www.fred.net/kathy/