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I've been enjoying  this list for a while and have just recently found occasion to make my introductory post.  I have been
section hiking the AT for the past couple years, and over Easter weekend I did an trip from Boiling Springs to Pine
Furnace, PA.  On the first night we set up camp on the first mt peak right outside of Boiling Springs.  That night we heard
the strangest noise.  I tried to spell it out in the subject, but I'm afraid it didn't really work.  I couldn't even duplicate it in
person.  It woke me up in the middle of the night, which means it was extremely loud, and it continued throughout the night.
 My friends and I have different opinions on what it could be.  I sounded like a bird being tortured and squawking
desperately for help, but it was too prolonged, guttural, deep, and loud, in my opinion.  Another thought it was a dear
getting violently ill.  My friend, who was a zookeeper, believes it was a mountain lion,  supporting this belief by the fact
that the lynx at the zoo make similar noises.  Tentatively we've been calling it Death Cat.   Maybe these postulations will
help provide a better idea of the sound we heard.  So, if anyone knows what animal makes this noise please enlighten
me.  Don't worry it stayed away from our camp, probably because our collective snoring was even more frightening.

On this topic of strange noises, I've sectioned hiked Shanendoa SP, and on every trip I heard a very low thumping noise
in the pattern of a ball bouncing to a stop.  At first I thought this could be a pile driver nearby, but my friend insists that it is
some sort of grouse that pounds its wings on the ground.  I find it hard to believe that any bird outside of a Godzilla movie
could reverberate a sound like that through the ground.

I'm all ears,
Ken Lynch