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Re: yummy packs

In a message dated 96-04-09 11:58:23 EDT, Pooombah@aol.com writes:

>i haven't tried a mountainsmith yet--maybe i've just been too frightened of
>those obnoxious colors they use!

Okay, but this time Mtsmith hasn't gone off the deep end.  The woman's
Frostfire is green and black with 1 yellow elastic cord on the backside.  The
Lowe Sirocco is teal and black --no yellow cord.  You could look at the
Mtsmith's this way--in hunting season there'd be no mistaking you for a deer!
 I know--I have a red NF Snow Leopard.  I am going to fit the two packs
(above) on once more, and may think about getting one.  I might wait until I
can fit on the Gregory's at Damascus Dave's (VA).  Last time I guess he
didn't have any Dana's.  I actually haven't seen any Dana packs around here,
but sure would like too!!
Alisa, check out the Mtsmith.  It's in REI's spring catalog.

IL Fltlndr