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help a green horn

Hi guys please forgive me for delurking.  I'm going to be in Utah and
arizona this summer and I plan on doing some hiking.  I need 2 things.  1,
where in that area are good places to hike?

And 2.  I have a pack that's about it.  What would you seasoned hikers
recomend that I purchase.  I need to outfit myself on a budget, were
talking the works here and I want the most bang for my buck.  I don't have
a lot of hiking experience so please bear with me and help me out.  If you
guys and gals were just starting out what would you buy?  Also where can I
go to get this equipment, here in Missouri I seem to be limited to mail
order and what ever the bass pro shop has.  TIA

Jason Ainslie                      jainslie@umr.edu
Equine supplier
sometimes not even the sharpest blade is enough