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RE: yummy packs


My experience with MntSmith does not reflect yours. I previously owned a Frostfire II and have tried a Crestone II.  In general, I found these packs inferior in performance to some of the Dana, Gregory, and Osprey pack I have tried.  Admittedly, the pack I compared the MtnSmiths to are $100 more, but I was willing to pay for the performance (I now have an Osprey).

I purchased the Frostfire II because it was a big bag at a light weight.  I was also not aware of packs by Dana, Gregory, or Osprey.  As I used the bag, I found out that the light weight had a definate price: light, quick wearing materials.  Also, the bag was not lined like the others.

The suspension on the Frostfire II tended to "mush out" on me at loads greater than 35lbs.  The Crestone II pushed this to about 45 lbs (admittedly, this is as much as I ever wish to carry on a long distance trip...but I may carry more on a winter trip).  I also liked the heavily padded hip belt, but I have found the conical tapered belts on the Osprey and Dana packs are just as comfortable with half the bulk.  Also I don't have to tighten the belt quit as much with the conical cut belts.

I think people with longer torso lengths may have better results than I did.  I have a relatively short 17.5" torso length (then again, I am a relatively short 5' 6").


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Mountainsmith packs are the B - E - S - T !!!!! I have one and will have 
mine buried with me when i croke! I highly recommend em...

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