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Hiking AT

I am a member of the B.M.E.T. (Black Mountain Extreme Team) which is located
in Rumford, Maine.  The group was started by myself and two other friends in
an effort to have a group that did everything from rock climbing, extreme
skiing, mountain biking, and, of course, hiking.  Our group started off as
four members but know we are twenty members strong.
We organize a hiking group in the area called The Peak A Week Club.  It is
relatively unadvertised, but plenty of people have shown interest.  Two of the
other members and I are planning a five day hike from Hanover, NH to
Clarendon, VT.  Our trek will begin on Friday.  We will be keeping a journal
of the entire hike so I'll probably share that some time next week.  Anyone
that is interested in an outing with the BMET can e-mail me for details.  We
try to keep hiking group numbers to a minimum for environmental reasons.  



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