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Re: Bear Stuff

Matt Holmes  writes>>>>	in reply to the shock treatment..........  
 On griz, what's any thoughts on, if one gets on you, would one of
those hand-held stunguns be of any good? Probably better, a tazer?
>> By the time he gets on top of you, aren't you already pretty 
much screwed? :-)  Somehow I don't think a griz is really going to 
feel a tazer. A tazer to a griz is like a static electricity shock 
is to us, I would think. Praying would probably be a more efficient 
use of time.  If a griz got on top of me, I'd be kissin' my butt 
goodbye.  :-)

          Well, if you can hold, aim, fire and hit 'em with a tazer 
while he's chargin'...... you would find out! Tazers are supposed 
to be illegal, I guess, in many states, don't know much about them, 
I think most of them use a powder charge to fire the wire & dart, 
but I've heard of one that uses CO2, like the high powered BB guns. 
If he's on you, and you got your stungun out, it wouldn't hurt 
(cause your being hurt already) you to try it, and pray that it 
works! Maybe even better, a CO2 gun with a trankalizer dart. Just 
mentioning these, cause there's no sense carrying a firearm, in 
case you might have a griz charge, the only reason to carry a 
firearm is to protect oneself from sometimes a very mean animal, 
the homo sapien.