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Re: Helpful motels along the AT

At 06:52 AM 4/9/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Gateway Motel at Wind Gap, PA, was really nice to the three of us.  We
>got there about 9:30pm in the middle of a thunderstorm, and the person
>who checked us in ordered us two HUGE pizzas, no questions asked.  He
>also gave us a ride the next day (Saturday) up to Delaware Water Gap, 
>so we could get our maildrops;  since we were hiking in on late Saturday,
>we would have had to lay over an extra day for the PO to open. It was 
>somewhat strange going up to the next town, and then coming back, and then
>hiking up to it again....  
>                              Marshall
>                              "Tarkus"

    On July 16th, 94, "Good Pete" Patel was the owner; there were a bunch of
us holed up there overnight (SAILOR BOB, TAZZI DEVIL [Alf], ONE STEP,
CHUCKLES, BUFFALO STICK, to name a few)... Pete took us all over town for
Beer, Pizza and supplies... "HULAGN" showed up about 9:30 PM with severe
shin splints, Pete took him out for Chinese... Met most of Petes family
while there... Very hiker friendly place....

Dick Wix  aka "WIXeR"  
   AT-94  GA>ME