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Re: Good book on navigation

Frank Reid" writes while programing his GPS..............:
>> As previously mentioned, I love my GPS receiver.  I enjoy all 
kinds of navigation, including "primitive" instrumentless forms.  
An excellent book  on that subject is _Nature is Your Guide_ 
(subtitle: How to Find Your Way on Land and Sea) by Harold Gatty 
(1958).  Penguin Books (1979) ISBN 0 14 00.5076 0  (Possibly out of 
print; I think it was republished under the title, _Finding Your 
Way on Land and Sea_.  Check author listing in _Books in Print_.) 
>> It contains numerous ways of orienting oneself by observing 
subtle natural clues, and should enhance anyone's enjoyment of the 
     Thanx for the book titles, will look in libaray for. Used to 
be many, many yrs ago a "sneaky pete" in US Army, was taught and 
used all methods. It's like after you learn to ride a bike, you 
never forget, but once an awhile you must ride one, ie, refresh 
your memory.

PS Just replied to your first msg, via this list, that's why doing 
this one here, reason you'll see when you read that post.