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Re: Bear Stuff

>Hey All,
>In a message dated 96-03-26 13:51:11 EST, you write:
>>BTW, as if you would have time to make such a determination, but a ranger in
>>Denali told me that there is a school of thought that says you can outrun a
>>griz down a steep incline since their center of gravity is such that they
>>must "lumber" down at a slow pace.
>Sorry this is a really old post 3/26 but ...
>I met this woman that living in Minnesota and she was chased by a Moose. She
>said that the moose was fastest on flat or up hill, but had to slow down
>going down hill. She seemed to believe that it had to do with the four legs
>than anything else. She seemed to imply that it was common knowledge in those
>parts ...
>Did someone out there say something about firecrackers and scaring off bears?

Joel -

I wouldn't bet the farm on the grizzly/downhill theory.   I've seen a video
clip of a grizzly chasing a deer downhill - and catching it.   And he wasn't

Walk softly,