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Trail Conditions Online (fwd)


Came across this on rec.backcountry and it is a really great all around site.
They have gear reviews  that people have submitted and you can submit 
your own.  They also have a lot of info on various stuff relating to the 
Northeast.  It is pretty well designed, I highly reccomend it.


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Date: 8 APR 1996 15:04:05 GMT 
Newgroups: rec.backcountry
Subject: Trail Conditions Online 

"Views from the Top", has expanded it's Trail Conditions page to cover all
of the Northeast.  When the site was dedicated to the White Mts, it quickly
became a valuable resource to those who hiked there.  Hopefully now the site
will be an aid to hikers in the 'dacks and the Green Mts etc.

We will be expanding the site to cover national trail conditions (broken down
by state) very soon, so stay tuned.

The main site is at:


or you can go straight to the trail conditions at:


The site also contains gear reviews, tons of pics, a _moderated_ local
newsgroup, and local info.