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Re: Weight Gainer

In a message dated 96-04-08 00:43:59 EDT, MrJoelSapp@aol.com writes:

>Yah, I was in GNC this weekend. There is stuff available for 3000 calories
>per serving. It is awful expensive but me and my hike partner (Marcus "I
>a trailname ...oh no...I Don't have a trailname" Vitiello) are gonna do are
>best to suppliment our diets so we don't end up looking like Somalians by
>end of the trail.
>Someone said that it is heavy, but I beg to differ ... a twenty serving
>supply weighed no more than 2.5lbs. That's alot of toothbrush handles, but
>still pretty good.

Somehow, this does not compute.  20 servings weighing 2.5 is 2 ounces or 56.7
grams per serving, and at 3000 calories per serving, results in 52.9 calories
per gram which is 5.88 times more than pure fat which is impossible.  Maybe
you meant 300 calories per serving.