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No coffee and snowing in the Smokies

To add some more noise to this already raucous list... It is snowing in the 
Great Smoky Mountains National Park and surrounding mountains.  Accumulations
are occuring above 2800 feet.  Don't expect it to amount to much though.  Just
another aggravation to add to the '97 thruhikers' weather woes.

As to coffee, for me, it is NO COFFEE!!!  I had my last cup on March 17, 1983.  
That is the same day I began what would become my successful attempt at hiking 
all of the AT over the following 6 years.  I did not take coffee with me and
I wondered at the wisdom of my decision at the time.  I was a 3 cup a day
coffee drinker and felt that I could not make it through a morning without at
least one cup.  At the end of the hike (four days), it dawned on me that I had
not had indigestion for the past three days.  Convinced that it was the oils in
the coffee that were responsible for my always having indigestion, I have not 
taken another sip of the stuff since.  

Besides the possible effects on one's digestive system, coffee is just a bother
on the trail.  For long-distance hikers, getting up and fiddling with coffee
making is usually abandoned fairly quickly on the trail, from what I've
observed over the years.  This is just my experience and is by no means the
definitive one.
John Newman 

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> No coffee? Or should it be......No coffee!!! that is a question that i 
> have been wondering about.....what about coffee on the trail? Usually i 
> use those little coffee packets, but they have alot of trash and 
> expensive! I have also taken an empty coffee can and used that as my 
> water boiling/coffee maker with ground coffee...does any one have any 
> suggestions? chip
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