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Re: Weight Gainer

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>During my section hike last summer in Pennsylvania, I met a thru-hiker who
>used weight-gainer to supplement his calorie intake.  I guess he mixed it
>in with either his pudding for dessert or with his main meal.  Has anybody
>heard of this before?  Do you recommend it?  I am probably underweight as
>it is, and cannot stand to lose any weight (I'll disappear!  :-)

Yah, I was in GNC this weekend. There is stuff available for 3000 calories
per serving. It is awful expensive but me and my hike partner (Marcus "I have
a trailname ...oh no...I Don't have a trailname" Vitiello) are gonna do are
best to suppliment our diets so we don't end up looking like Somalians by the
end of the trail.
Someone said that it is heavy, but I beg to differ ... a twenty serving
supply weighed no more than 2.5lbs. That's alot of toothbrush handles, but
still pretty good.

Lemme see. I have somewhere here a number from a reply that we got to a
simular question .... Well I will just PASTE the reply from good ole brick

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Many of the "muscle head" weight gainer powders are very good for packing on
the trail. There is no cooking, and no water weight in the drink mix. My
personal favorite is Champion Nutrition Heaveyweight Gainer 900. Because
they include a kind of fat in the mix (called Medium Chain Triglycerides)
the caloric density of this powder is higher than most others without fat
(9cal/g for fat vs. 4cal/g for carbos&protien) This drink is also fortified
with all the vitimans you will probably want. A 7# tub of this stuff lists
for around $41 but it can be found at discounters for around $30. If you
can't find one near you, try asking 800 information for "Vitiman
Wholesalers", a discount mail order store.

One powder I like is maltodextrin foritfied kool-aid. I mix up the regular
flavored kool-aid powder with sugar, and then add enough extra maltodextrin
to bring the mix ratio to 250g(about 9 oz) drink mix/liter of water. This
makes a 1 liter bottle contain 1000Cal of pure carbohydrate. Maltodextrin is
corn starch that has been cut up into shorter pieces so it will disolve
better, but is has no flavor so you can add more without making the drink
too sweet. It can be found in lots of foods as "glucose polymers"& "modified
corn starch." It is available from home beer brewing stores.>>>

Hope this all helps .... (please forward comments about my somalia joke to

Billy Goat