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Re: Clothes!

Being from Central Texas myself, I totally understand your concern.  My 
thru-hike had a lot of trial and error ( with a lot of post office 
mailings back home) before I felt comfortable with my selection.  
Beginning in April, we had freezing temperatures until the end of May in 
Virginia.  Therefore, we carried long johns, wool shirts, and pile 
pants/jackets as well as rain gear which acted as wind blocks on gusty 
days on the Southern balds. wore our pile hats and gloves constantly, 
too.  We also carried two pairs of socks/liners along with a pair of fleece 
socks for night.  Finally in May we were able 
to start switching over to lightweight summer gear. Hope this was 
helpful, but everyone has different comfort zones, so experimenting is 
probably the only way to solve this dilemma.

On Sat, 6 Apr 1996, Chuck Kichline wrote:

> OK! the Kushmans' saga has really gotten my attention about the need for
> proper clothing on the trail.  I realize it's been done before, but could
> someone tell me slowly...  and... loudly....  what would be an appropriate
> set to start with?  Down here in central Texas, we're in wildflower season
> and "cold" starts at 40 degrees and folks get grumpy when it's not in the
> 70's during the day.  Needless to say, it would be easy to underestimate
> the requirements.
> Thanks,
> Chuck
> kichline@isd.tandem.com