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Springer directions

To the person enroute to Springer from Atlanta airport for April 18

I believe that weekend is "Freaknik" weekend, where umpteen thousand college
students drive from around the US to Atlanta, find the most inconvenient
places to tie up traffic, then STOP.  Atlantans don't just leave town for
Freaknik, they run!  If Louis Farrakhan shows up as expected, the predicted
crowd count is over 200,000. The crowd often begins coming in as early as
Thursday. You might want to make car rental reservations quickly.

This in the past has locked up much of the interstate in and around Atlanta.
If you drive, this may place your drive time schedule to Springer at serious
risk, especially if you are coming in around Friday rush-hour (4 p.m--). 

Under ordinary circumstances, you would probably 
Generally speaking, you're going to take either I-75 or I-85 North through
downtown to the 75/85 split.  Take I-75 north through Atlanta.  Well after
driving underneath I-285 (you'll start seeing trees) go right onto I-575 (on
the right).  Take this *way* up North to Ellijay to Highway 52 (just when
you think you'll never get there, you will ((PS--Serious speedtraps between
Jasper/Ellijay))).  Go east on 52 to Amicalola Falls SP.  From there, you
hike in to Springer.  The alternate Forest Service roads may be in really
bad shape due to a combination of a wet, cold spring breaking up the surfaces.

If the locals at the airport say that traffic is already bad, you may
consider getting directions to I-285 W (the Perimeter).  Take it around
Atlanta to I-75, then go to I-575.

My family and I live in Fairmount, around 40 minutes from Amicalola.  If you
want, e-mail me privately and I'll give you my pager number if you get
really stuck.  

Jim Greenway