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Re: Clothes!

>OK! the Kushmans' saga has really gotten my attention about the need for
>proper clothing on the trail.  I realize it's been done before, but could
>someone tell me slowly...  and... loudly....  what would be an appropriate
>set to start with?  Down here in central Texas, we're in wildflower season
>and "cold" starts at 40 degrees and folks get grumpy when it's not in the
>70's during the day.  Needless to say, it would be easy to underestimate
>the requirements.


I'm leaving for the Smokies Sunday. The temps are in the 30's with highs in 
the 40's. Rain mixed with snow is the forecast for the lower elevations and 
you can believe on the AT, it is definitely snowing. The hotels in Fontana 
are filled with thru-hikers (I talked to them tonight). They are laying over 
because of the weather. 

Anyway, I'm taking the following clothes: 1 pair of thermal bottoms (REI 
MTS), two sets of thermal tops (REI MTS), 1 pair fleece pants, 1 pair 
spandex bib biking tights (great for hiking in cold), 1 fleece (medium 
weight) pullover, REI goretex parka, OR Gaiters, OR "Gorilla" Balaclava, 
fleece gloves, two pair Thorlo socks with liners, and heaven forbid, a 
cotton T shirt (which I like to sleep in). I used these clothes on my 
December hike when it was really cold with no problem. I had an Eddie Bauer 
Down Parka on that hike too, but it was really bulky and took up too much 
pack space. I'm going out for 4 to 5 days and this should be adequate. If 
you are doing a longer hike, you can mail most of this stuff home after it 
gets warm. It is rainy and cold right now, so you really need fleece and 
some type of polypro for sure. A goretex parka breathes pretty well and 
keeps the rain and snow from soaking you. The balaclava was purchased 
because a thru hiker (Swedish Chef) was using one in Dec. and highly 
recommended it. Keeps your entire head warm. Good luck.