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Re: compeed for blisters

>At last my memory has come back about Compeed for blisters.  I recall I got a
>sample in the mail a couple summers ago.  I used it that year on the trail,
>really liked it and went looking for more.  I couldn't find any, but asked
>the pharmacist if he could get them.  He checked his books and said he could
>order them for me, but there were 2 different kinds.  Seems like one was more
>expensive than the other and that the book was vague about what you were
>getting with either one.  The point being--I believe you can order them at
>your pharmacy.  I think I'll be looking into it again.  At the time I just
>let it slide.
>IL Fltlndr

IL Fltlndr:

I ordered my Compeed from REI. They stock it.