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Re: Want to know about GPS stuff!!

 Marshall DeBerry <mdb@access.digex.net> writes:
>> You might want to check out the newsgroup comp.infosystems.gis, 
they sometimes have info on the different GPS units available.  GIS 
World magazine is also a good source of info on GPS units.  
>> Also, you probably read where the White House has signed a bill 
last  week that will take off the scrambling that the military 
currently applies to the GPS signals;  when this is fully 
implemented over the next four years, I suspect GPS packaging and 
costs will be very different from what we see now.  (Current 
nonmilitary GPS units are  able to indicate where you are to about 
400 feet due to scrambling; without the scrambling, you can locate 
your posistion to about 30 feet.)
>>                                  Marshall

         I did read about the change coming, thanx for the info on 
the newsgroup. I know there's ways to compensate for the error 
built in, like GPS used on ships and planes, but thse units are out 
of my price range, and of couse, to heavy for hiking purposes.