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Re: yet again... boots

It was my experience that one can never be too easy on boots.  I 
personally went through three pairs in seven months.  Besides, the 
leather uppers are usually not the first to go; the soles usually come 
unglued or wear out long before then.

My strategy: I bought one pair of leather boots for the cold months, one 
pair of lightweights for the summer months, and bought my third pair in 
Lincoln NH in the middle of the Whites.  I also carried lots of duct tape 
to hold the soles in place until I could get to an outfitter.  Of course, 
all of this depends on what kind of rainfall you'll have on the Trail and 
how much you'll have to slog through.

On Sat, 6 Apr 1996, E. George Oeser wrote:

> Well I finnaly purchased a pair of boots today, Salomon Authentic 6's. I 
> went in not even thinking about these boots because they are all leather, 
> and I really wanted a lighter fabric/leather boot, but these boots are 
> pretty light, and felt wonderful. They fit well, and at the same time I 
> think they will still allow for the expansion my feet will go through on the 
> trail. But what I am now wondering is wether or not I should by a second 
> pair of these boots to keep at home as a spare? I was sure that I wanted to 
> do this with the fabric/leather boots I was looking at but I understand that 
> all leather boots tend to be more durable and I tend to be pretty easy on 
> boots anyway. So what does everyone think? If I could get away with it I 
> would really rather not spend another $145 on a spare pair of boots, but at 
> the same time I don't want to be stuck waiting in a town for a week waiting 
> to get a new pair of boots if my first pair falls apart.
> E. George Oeser (aka Needles)