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yet again... boots

Well I finnaly purchased a pair of boots today, Salomon Authentic 6's. I 
went in not even thinking about these boots because they are all leather, 
and I really wanted a lighter fabric/leather boot, but these boots are 
pretty light, and felt wonderful. They fit well, and at the same time I 
think they will still allow for the expansion my feet will go through on the 
trail. But what I am now wondering is wether or not I should by a second 
pair of these boots to keep at home as a spare? I was sure that I wanted to 
do this with the fabric/leather boots I was looking at but I understand that 
all leather boots tend to be more durable and I tend to be pretty easy on 
boots anyway. So what does everyone think? If I could get away with it I 
would really rather not spend another $145 on a spare pair of boots, but at 
the same time I don't want to be stuck waiting in a town for a week waiting 
to get a new pair of boots if my first pair falls apart.

E. George Oeser (aka Needles)