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Re: common courtesy vs. pecking order

Sharon Sharpe writes:
> This is for Horus and any other thru hikers that we might meet....
> Pat and I are hiking from Palmertown,PA to NY 17 in Mid May and
> we will absolutely give our space in the shelter to a thru hiker
> if they looked like they needed it!  I don't see that as a pecking
> order thing but just thoughtfulness.  Unless it's pouring rain,
> in which case we would all move over and MAKE room in the shelter!
> When are you starting, Horus?
> Having said that, I hope Pat agrees with me......

I haven't hiked the AT (yet), so maybe I'm missing something.  Please,
what is this attraction to shelters?  Ones I have stayed in are not
always immune from the elements, sometimes smelly and dirty and prone
to unwanted animal visits.  I'd much rather be in a tent or under a

If I were in a shelter I would certainly lend assistance/space to anyone,
thru hiker or otherwise, who needed it and wanted it! It strikes me
that some weekenders unused to backpacking might need it more than a
seasoned thru hiker.  But then, I'm new around here...

Dick (hoping to learn a lot from this great list!)

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