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Want to know about GPS stuff!!

I've posted this on the Backpack and Outdor mailists, but only got 
some general answers, want more! Maybe everyone's on the trail, so 
the mailists are thinned out, so maybe someone here could post some 
info on GPS. Am also going to post on PCT mailist, maybe I'll get a 
lot more answers from all the lists! Probably this subject has been 
covered before, and if you kept posts , or know of any that's on 
the mailist index to retrive, let me know, via this list, or 
private e-mail.

Don't have ANY experience with those units, just been using the
good old standbys, compass and maps.

It's probably a SIN to mention another trail on the AT-L mailist, 
but, I'm planning on hiking on CDT, from NM to CO, this yr (Already 
backpacked the whole AT, and my subject is not about it).  The 
books and other stuff I've read about CDT all stress it's easy to 
lose your route,(I never get lost, just sometimes I'm not
in the place I should be), and to pinpoint "where's the water",
like windmills, etc. (at least in NM).

Therefore, I've been thinking about getting a GPS unit, to reduce
the amount of time map reading. I think I understand GPS won't show 
you were your at on a map, but if you have a signal, and it's 
programed right, it will lead you to were you want to go, no matter 
how many detours or backtracks one must do.

Any hits, tips, etc., on those units would be helpful..... So,

1.Like which unit is prefered, Garmin or Magellan? (That's my price
range, about $200.)

2. Is it worth buying a GPS for hiking?

3. What's best place to buy, ie, which catalog, or just local? (The 
Mud Hut in NJ was mentioned, just want more suggestions.)

4. What's the best way for a hiker to program waypoints, ie,
Latitude & Long, UTM, etc?

5.What map computer program is most useful to get waypoints from,
to preprogram the GPS? (Even though the GPS unit might not have a
serial port to connect to a 'puter, to manually input waypoints,
the same as doing from a regular map.)

6.Are there anymore specfic GPS 'puter programs for Windoz, that 
also could be of use? (I've found the shareware prg's WINGPS.ZIP, 

7.What are the best distances apart to use for waypoints, for
hiking? (5, 10, 30, etc?)

8.What measured unit, statue, nautical miles, or kilometers, is
best to use? (Assuming one's speed is 2 MPH statue, which if need
be, can be converted to another unit.)

The library system where I live is very scarce on anything GPS, so
any books or mag stories recommended would be helpful to. I'm not
on web, nor can get newsgroups yet, but any sites that would have 
some info, would like their URL's, and/or mailists. (Do know about 
GPS World web and -NAV newsgroup)

I've only asked a few of the questions I would like to know. 
But, many more hikers than me could learn alot to, by posts here.
Thanx in advance!