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carabiners and improvising

    Several people have mentioned carabiners in their equipment lists.
Carabiners are among those multi-use items (like bandanas, duct tape, wire,
safety pins, dental floss, parachute cord, nylon webbing, plastic trash-
bags...) which have a high "coefficient of improvisation."  (Pun-filled
document entitled "Binerisms" available on request.)

Others have mentioned shower-curtain hooks for attaching items to the
outsides of packs.  Consider also fish-stringer clips, which are about the
same size and weight but stronger.

One of my favorite items for improvised repairs is stainless-steel "lashing
wire" which is used to bind coaxial television-cable to a stronger steel
support cable as it runs from pole to pole.  It's rustless, extremely
strong, but easy to work with pliers/Leatherman tool.  2-3 feet has
negligible weight, and can be stashed inside a tubular pack-frame.  I got a
roll of it from a friend in the cable-tv business; I don't know where to
buy it.  Your local cable-guys would probably be happy to donate scraps.


Frank     reid@indiana.edu