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Re: common courtesy vs. pecking order

>This is for Horus and any other thru hikers that we might meet....
>Pat and I are hiking from Palmertown,PA to NY 17 in Mid May and
>we will absolutely give our space in the shelter to a thru hiker
>if they looked like they needed it!  I don't see that as a pecking
>order thing but just thoughtfulness.  Unless it's pouring rain,
>in which case we would all move over and MAKE room in the shelter!
>When are you starting, Horus?
>Having said that, I hope Pat agrees with me......

Sharon -

Good attitude - if it's raining there's ALWAYS room for one more.
Well, almost always anyway.  It's tough to fit 20 people into a 6
 person shelter.  But you shouldn't run into that in PA.

Wlak softly,