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RE: Backpacker Mag. Reviews

mark macbeth (mmacbeth@midway.uchicago.edu) writes:

> Has anyone noticed that Backpacker magazine never really criticizes a
> product or gives an unfavorable review? ...
> I am really looking for a no-nonsense review, where a critic
> really tells it like it is, even if they come off a sounding harsh.  I
> want harsh, especially if I am looking to slap down $200-350 on a
> slepping bag or even $50-150 on a water filter.
> I am hoping that they are not just being soft on a product because the
> company advertises in the mag.
> The mantra "Hike your own hike" is great for the AT, but I guess when it
> comes to gear....trial and error is waaaaay to expensive.
> any thoughts???

If _Backpacker_, _Outside_, et al. were swimming pools, you might get your
ankles wet. :-)  They exist mainly to sell stylish equipment to yuppies.
Of course they don't want to alienate their advertizers.  The same is true
of most other magazines of equipment-intensive hobbies.

To give them the benefit of a doubt:  All that gear sort-of works, and its
disadvantages may not become apparent during a short outing (if they really
do that).  The stuff that gets good reviews may be ideal for some
applications/climates and worthless for others.

You have already found the right place!  I've learned more from this
mailing list in a couple of weeks than from a 3-foot stalagmite of
"outdoor" magazines.  I read those magazines at the public library and
zerox the rare relevant article I but don't buy them.

--  Frank    reid@indiana.edu