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Re: Trail maintenance

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> Date: Thursday, 04-Apr-96 10:13 PM
> From: James Bigler             \ Internet:    
> To:   Joe O'Neill              \ PRODIGY:     (DTTD61A)
> Subject: Trail maintenance
> I was wondering if any trail maintenance was done in June.  I have
> lots of post for April and May.  I know it is really hot then
> down here in Atlanta).  I have some time free in June and was
wondering if
> I could help out.  If anyone knows who I should talk to, I would
> appreciate the information.  Thanks alot.
> James Bigler

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PATC (Potomac Appalachian Trail Club) is fielding two Massarock Trail
Crews in Geo Washington Nat'l Forest. The first is June 10-14, the
second is June 17-21.

If interested in either of these contact Heidi Forest (703/242-0693 x12)
for an Application or further information.