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Re: more boots

On Thu, 4 Apr 1996, Frank Reid wrote:
> Boots are of course a major topic here.  I'll offer some perhaps
> unconventional observations:
> I'm a caver more than a hiker.  Army-surplus "Vietnam" jungle boots are
> popular among cavers because they withstand wet/muddy conditions well.
> They're inexpensive, need no break-in, and I've found them comfortable and
> durable for hiking.

	I've tried the orig. VN jungle boots for an extended time but 
went to the reg. Army issue as they didn't give me enough support for 12+ 
hour days. They didn't seem to have much arch support from what I recall 
plus the fit was rather big (I'm a female, don't recall if they made them 
in women's sizes then). I've often thought of trying them again now that 
my feet have gotten fatter and flatter! Thanks for the input!
	One thing I did really like from the quartermasters was a bottle 
of vanilla pills for baking...I'd love to find some of those again...