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Re: Trail maintenance

James Bigler wrote:
> I was wondering if any trail maintenance was done in June.Konnarock runs crews out its SW Va. base camp from late May through 
early August.  You can get information off the AT Home Page 
(http://www.fred.net/kathy/at.html).  You might also want to get in 
touch w/ the Georgia AT Club, which organizes its own trail maintenance 
year-round (http://www.atl.mindspring.com/~jvkovar/gatc/gatc.html).
> I know it is really hot then(especially down
> here in Atlanta).It gets hot on crew, too, although sometimes high altitude jobs mitigate 
that.  Konnarock will tell you to be prepared to work in any weather - 
including downpours.  Mud as a way of life.

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