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Climbing the Walls!

      I know the old adage about the virtue of patience, and I know there
will be quite a few days and nights on the trail when I would give anything
to be stuck in a warm soft bed in Kansas City, my belly full and so much
energy that I can hardly stand still.  I know all this, but I AM REARIN' TO
      At this point I've only got some worrying to do about whether or not
I've got the right gear (and not too much of it) which I feel confidant about
thanks to the advice of all the thru-hikers who answered the same old
questions time after time after time.  I've read the books, bought the gear,
done the exercises (though not enough-presuming it's actually possible to be
completed conditioned for a 6 month hike) and yet all I can think about is
something keeping me from my dream.  Oh well, life has a funny way of just
taking care of itself.  Anyone left out there that hasn't departed yet?
 PLEASE tell me who you are.  I want to meet you on the trail!

Shalom,  Horus