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Re: Introduction: new list member

Sandra Downs  writes while planning an AT hike.........:

>>Expecting my first published article, on Pine Creek Gorge ("The
>> Grand Canyon of PA") to be published in the PGH Tribune-Review 
this month.
 >> Stop by and see my website, I have lots of links for the 

      Welcome to the list! I'm not on web yet, but is your page 
mainly geared towards like a personal hiking home pg? Are you going 
to post your article on it, for the world to read? I like to 
collect stories like that, their always good for future reference 
(If I can find them). Idea for article you might not of thought of:
Since your from PA, isn't your state the only one of all, that has 
THREE (some have only two) National Scenic Trails (Not Historic 
Trails) running through it? The AT, NCT and the Potomac Heritage 
(If you include the Laurel Highlands extension.)? Don't know if the 
extension counts. Could be quite a long article!

  Don't know if it's still there (a week ago it was), but J H 
Bryan, editor of the VP Zine,(on the web) published (posted?) my 
articles of my hikes on the NCT. He's also wants input for any 
trail type related articles, so consider him, if you want such at 
another spot on the web. (As far as I know, no money for such, I 
expected none.)

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