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Re: Sierra zip stove

>>Ekard Burger <dok432@mbp-sgi5.embnet.dkfz-heidelberg.de> writes:
I'm considering stoves to take on the AT with me.  I like the low 
weight and wood as fuel that the Sterra zip wood burning camp stove 
uses.  Has anyone experience with this stove or an opinon on it?

             I just posted my experence with the ZIP, and I guess 
you know by now, there's several other posts about same.

>> here two interesting www-links: 
>> http://yahi.csustan.edu/~gcrawfor/zip/sierraFAQ.html

         I'm not on web yet, but I'm collecting hiking related 
sites, to connect to, when I get on. What are the titles of these 
sites? ( One I see is a FAQ on the Sierra).

  Don't know if your living in Heidelberg, but read it in your 
e-mail address. Have a son stationed with US Army there (He's in 
states right now, going to school, and is going back in May). I 
spent about a month (last Sep) with him, in Heidelberg. Enjoyed the 
city very much, saw the yearly lighting of the castle. Of course, 
we didn't miss going to the Octoberfest in Munich! And to, did some 
of your country's famous Volksmarching.

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