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Re; Trail pecking order?

Jim, You have nothing to apologize for. The point I was trying to get
across was that I had not had any "pecking order" problems in having
section hiked almost half the trail or on this list. I'm sorry I did not
make myself clear, your's was not one of the posts to which I was
referring. I was only using your post to make a further point. I was the
one to bring up the term "pecking order" and I probably shouldn't have.
   Actually, I really was talking to section hikers. There were a couple of
posts from section hikers that seemed to question whether section hikers
deserved trail names. I was trying to say that of course they do and that
most thru hikers would not complain. Section hikers accomplish alot and
have nothing to apologize for.
   I like what Jim said about not using the negative trail names that get
hung on people.
   Anyways, I'm sorry if my post put any bad kharma on the list. As was
recently said, we have the nicest people on this list and hopefully we can
keep away some of the nastiness that you find elsewhere on the net.
   Thanks for posting the info on the Gathering, Jim. Maybe I'll make it up
there this year. It would be nice to meet ya'll.

                                     Steve Coombs
                                   GA 89 > ME 21st century