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Re:Thru Hike

>Date: 04 Apr 96 10:58:40 EST
>From: Richard Kushman <70304.1011@compuserve.com>
>To: "INTERNET:athiker@www.plantnet.com" <athiker@www.plantnet.com>
>Subject: Re:Thru Hike

Here is an update I received from the Kushman's in response to my email:

>Thank you for the good wishes and the interest ...
>We think the Smokies are a pain ...
>More snow last Monday ... very cold ... 19 in shelter... love those Smokie 
>Trail slow - mud - slush - ice.
>Took break at gatlkinburg - needed it.
>We will look for Gutsy.
>"Download" & "Nexmo"
>AT - 1996 GA to ME