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Re: Waterbags, chaps, Jansport

Steve writes:
>My favorite waterbag though is stocked on Boeing 747 liferafts.  I bought
>several bags (surplus) a few years ago.  They are incredibly light,
>durable and hold about 6 liters.

That sounds interesting.  Could you tell me more?  Where can you get one?

>Also - my (now 7 month old) daughter and I have day hiked most of the
>AT in NJ - from route 206 to the state line trail.  Her mom thinks that she is
>getting a break from child care, Noreen loves the (leafless) trees - and I
>have not yet let a low-hanging branch hit her- and I get to hike.  All is well
>with the world!

I would like to take a weekend trip sometime this month somewhere on the AT
in NJ.  Do you have any suggestions?  I'm in central Jersey.  Where should
I go, and what about transportation? Thanks-

Matt  Holmes