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Re: Sierra zip stove

> 	After reading about the zip, it looks like something I might like
> to try in the future. One thing that might work well with the zip is what
> some fellow hikers called the "persuader" -- they carried a small piece
> of rubber tubing with a ballpoint pen tip on one end...used it to blow a
> concentrated wind across the embers. Said they never had a problem
> starting a fire. Pat

Neat idea!  Thanks!  At home I often use little chunks of Duraflame (tm)
Log (which appears to be a mixture of wax and tree bark or sawdust) to
start my wood stove.  One "log" (about 2 pounds) is enough for a whole

Mouse nest is the most excellent tinder I've ever used.  A few sparks from
a metallic "flint" stick will ignite it.  If you look carefully, you can
find dry mouse-nest in wet weather.  The little varmints actually do have
redeeming qualities.  8:>=

--  Frank     reid@indiana.edu