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RE: The Gathering

Jim Owen:
Thanks for the info on The Gathering!

A couple of weeks ago I saw some excellent slides of the John Muir Trail and the Centennial Trail (Dakotas).  The slides were by a couple who have also thruhiked the AT twice.  If the ALDHA would be interested in those slide presentations, let me know and I can get the information to the proper parties.

Jeff McClintick

Jim Owen says, in part;
"On Saturday and Sunday, there will be an AT workshop run by Warren Doyle,
slide shows and workshops on the PCT,  CDT, Colorado Trail and probably a
lot of others.   Other workshops will be on Trail security, trail popularity
and liability, PA trails,  Life after the Trail (by Cindy Ross), AT extensions,
environmental issues, photography(?), food dehydration, etc. We'll even fit
in an ALDHA business meeting for those who are interested."