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Re: Waterbags, chaps, Jansport

I have used the REI waterbag and am generally happy with it, esp for the
weight (4-5oz I think).  I started using a filter instead of iodine tabs and it
is really easy to fill.  Without the filter, you wind up getting your hands
wet.  In the summer, not so bad, but in 45-50 degree water, it is no fun. 
My favorite waterbag though is stocked on Boeing 747 liferafts.  I bought
several bags (surplus) a few years ago.  They are incredibly light,
durable and hold about 6 liters.

I have used coated nylon rain chaps for many years.  As noted before,
you need a belt - although nylon straps work and weigh less- .  I tend to
sweat in rain pants, and the chaps eliminate lots of that.  Remember that
you need a jacket that is just a bit longer than the top of the chaps.  In
one of those times where it is fun to laugh at yourself later, I had bought
a new anorak, thought nothing of the chaps I keep in my pack and went
hiking.  It rained, so I put on chaps and anorak.  The rain ran right off my
anorak, into my shorts, and down the inside of the chaps !. Sometimes I
am not so bright :-).

In the discussion about packs, I have not seen anyone mention Jansport. 
I bought my D-3 in the early eighties. It has taken me from PA to NH in the
AT, a few hundred miles of PCT, parts of CO, NM, AZ.  It has taken the
most abuse in airline luggage handling.  It is light, (5 lbs) fully adjustable,
and I find it to be incredibly comfortible.  I have replaced most of the
straps, but the frame and bag are still reasonably intact.  Am I that far
behind the times (I also use a peak 1 stove), or has Jansport
quality/design gone downhill?

BTW I am taking a break from my students next week to stretch my legs
from Barrington MA to Pawling, NY - with public transportation at both
ends.  I'll send a quick summary when I get back.

Also - my (now 7 month old) daughter and I have day hiked most of the
AT in NJ - from route 206 to the state line trail.  Her mom thinks that she is
getting a break from child care, Noreen loves the (leafless) trees - and I
have not yet let a low-hanging branch hit her- and I get to hike.  All is well
with the world!

Steve Brown