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Re: knees and names

>>Another good source:
>>  Active Ankle Systems, Inc.
>>  451 Baxter Ave.
>>  Louisville, KY 40204
>>  800 800 2896
>>  502 582 2655
>>  502 585 1142 fax
>>  They make hard plastic hinged ankle braces.
> This might be what I need!  I wonder if they fit into boots?

Depends on how much room is in the boots.  It looks like "Air Cast" (tm)
which is often seen on sprained ankles, but the padding is foam rubber
instead of air bladders.  It's open front and back, which solves the
problem mentioned below.  I got mine at Galyan's, a large sporting-goods
store in Indianapolis.  Cost was roughly $30.

> I have tried those ankel braces you buy at the drug stores and they
> bother my achilles tendon (and are hot).

Same here.  Most such devices, including canvas/metal lace-up types,
become extremely uncomfortable if you're very active.

> Thanks Frank!
> IL Fltlndr

Thank you for confirming that my posts actually propagate!  I wasn't sure,
since the mailing-list software doesn't send me a copy.

I wear narrow-width shoes when I can find them.  An orthopedist showed me
an inexpensive (!!) partial solution to the problems of narrow feet:
Semi-hard plastic "heel cups" (aka "heel stabilizers," not to be confused
with similar soft/padded devices which have a different function) are
available at sporting-goods stores and other places that sell shoe-insert
doodads.  They keep heels from moving sideways inside shoes.  After a while
they deform and lose effectiveness, but can be softened with a hot-air gun
or hot water and bent back into shape.  Cost is about $2 per pair.

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