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Re: books?

In a message dated 96-04-04 05:25:12 EST, Beth writes:

>  Does anyone have any suggestions for books?

I would suggest you read anything you can get your hands on, Beth.  No one
has talked about videos, and I have particularly liked "How to hike the A.T."
 It is 3 hrs long, costs $34.95 for non-members of the ATC and $29.70 for

You can order this by e-mail if you have a useable major credit card.  ATC's
e-mail address is 'appalachiantrail@charitiesusa.com'  Just tell them what
you want, your credit card #, your real name and address.  I have done this a
couple of times and it works great.  I originally asked them if I could order
by e-mail and they said "Sure"!  I had them stick in the list of current
shuttle drivers that they have & also the article about "Hiking with Fido".
 They are so nice!!

Books I have found useful (not necessary sold by ATC) are:  "The Complete
Walker III" by Colin Fletcher and "Walk Softly in the Wilderness" by John
Hart (Sierra Club Book).  You should be able to find Fletcher's book in a
library, but you'll probably end up buying it.

IL Fltlndr (ALice)